Prosthetic & Orthotic Services

We provide a full range of prosthetic & orthotic services.

The Oregon Artificial Limb Company provides a full range of prosthetic legs and prosthetic arms as well as complex orthotics. We are well equipped to handle even the most complex cases, such as bilateral amputation.


We provide a full range of leg prosthesis, including ankle replacements, hip and knee disarticulation, transtibial (below knee) prosthetics, and transfemoral (above knee) prosthetics.

We are also equipped to create a full range of arm prostheses.

Our practitioners are C-leg certified, Orion and Linx (microprocessor joints) certified, and DBC socket certified, to name a few. The most common sockets are pin-lock, total contact, suction, elevated vacuum system. 

We also provide myo-electric upper extremity prosthetics.

Leg prosthesis being adjusted - quality service and care in crafting artificial limbs in Portland Oregon
Our practitioners are certified to work with Ottobok C-braces; shown here
Ottobock C-Brace


Our expert knowledge of prosthetic limbs informs our orthotics. Whether you need a brace to reduce impact on a joint or to help balance a prosthetic leg, we can make it.

The loss of a limb is a traumatic, upheaving experience. Many are left feeling hopeless, wondering: how will I get up and go to the bathroom by myself? How will I walk my dog? Will I ever play hide-and-seek with my grandkids again?

Throughout OAL’s history, we have included amputees among our employees and company leaders. We know what it feels like and we can help.

Our long history provides a depth of experience and knowledge you won’t get anywhere else.  We’re here to support you whether you’re looking to service an older orthotic device or move to the lastest technology.  

Our practitioners are certified to work with Ottobok C-braces, the cutting edge in leg orthotics. Ottobok C-braces are an orthotic leg brace for those with full or partial leg paralysis. The incredibly sensitive sensors in the C-brace reacts to flexion in real-time, allowing for hands-free movement and navigation of uneven terrain.


Expertise that only comes from experience

Not only are our prosthetists certified in building devices with the most advanced microprocessor joints, we also can service older model limbs that other providers don’t know how to make any more, including:

  • Hard sockets
  • Skin-fit suction
  • Leather-lined sockets
  • PTBSC sockets

We have multiple expert consultants available to provide their expertise when it comes to more complex cases. 

Image above: Historic advertisement from The Oregonian newspaper 1912

Expertize for all prosthetic limb patients
Prosthetics crafting anvil at Oregon Artificial Limb
Honoring a Tradition of Craftsmanship

Unlike most other prosthetic and orthotic companies, we create all our devices in-house, honoring 100+ years of service. We still use an anvil and bandsaw that are both over a century old!

Completing all the fabrication on-site allows us to make adjustments and personalize the device to you in real-time. The person molding the materials for your prosthetic or orthotic is the same person who evaluated your needs and tested your fit.


Always here for our patients:

Free consultations
All consultations are free of charge. We can talk with you over the phone, by video call or in person.
Support & Insurance
Our staff is unique in the level of administrative assistance we provide when it comes to finances and forms. We accept most insurance plans.
Same week clinic appointments
We can usually make same week appointments for all patient consultations. If you have an urgent need, we will always give you a priority appointment.
Central location with parking
Our convenient central location has FREE private parking for clients at our single story ground level building.

The Oregon Artificial Limb Company

Providing a full range of prosthetic legs and prosthetic arms as well as complex orthotics.